Moet Champagne

Moet Champagne Price: Moët et Chandon is perhaps the largest champagne producers in the world and currently supplies Moet Champagne to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Established by Claude Moët in 1743 the Moet Champagne company manages vineyards in excess of 1,000 hectares with annual production of in excess of 25 million bottles of Moet Chandon Champagne per annum. Moet Rose Champagne is becoming a popular choice to many partygoers. Moet Rose Champagne is produced by the saigneé method of leaving the black grape skins in the frement, or by adding Pinot noir red wine to the sparkling cuvee.


Cristal Champagne Prices & DeliveryMoët et Chandon produces 5 million bottles of Dom Pérignon champagne about 5 million bottles per vintage and is reputed to need at least 12 years ageing to produce the smooth quality for which the brand is famous.

Dom Perignon began "La méthode champenoise" was introduced into the region by about 1700. The popularity of champagne did not develop until about 1650 when the nobility and royalty of Europe became "intoxicated" by the taste and eloquence of Bollinger Champagne. Brilliant marketing and fashionable trends espcially identified Bollinger Cuvee Champagne with luxury, celebrations and partying amongst the wealthy and privileged.

By the WW1, Champagne was used as an indicator of the superior quality of French goods and itself became the symbol of the inherited value of the French countryside. Winston Churchill's above comments indicated the importance of the British support for the French situation.

Verve Cliquot Demi Sec Champagne: The shortage of Demi Sec and Brut Champagne in England, and some think that Verve Cliquot Demi Sec Champagne was an important factor in the the outcome of WW2?

Moet & Chandon Champagne is made from vineyards that grow Chardonnay, Pinot noir and meunier varieties. The mature grapes are sorted and undergo rapid pressing, but without crushing so as to avoid and maceration. After a settling the must is fermented at low temperature. "Prise de mousse" is a second fermentation in the bottle and is produced by adding to the wine a highly concentrated yeast liqueur. Moet Chandon Imperial Champagne bottles are then capped [they used to be corked back in my day - 1963] and the Moet Chandon Imperial Champagn bottles are racked horizontally. After a controlled period of fermentation, the bottles are re-racked with a neck down tilt. For some time the bottles are individually rotated by hand and laid to rest in a slightly different position until all the sediment reaches the cork - or cap. Not very long ago a clever machine was used to removed the old cork from the upside-down bottles and replaced them with a new corks - an great machine to watch. Many vineyards now freeze the neck and disgorge the ice with the sediment. This is less wasteful I am told. At this stage the wine can be "topped-up" with old wine to produce a particular champagne vintage.

Brut Champagnes from Wines-UK also include: Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec Champagne; Taittinger and Nicolas Feuillatte Rose & Brut Champagnes.

Cristal Champagne: Cristal Champagne was only commercially available in 1945 and owing to clever marketing in the late 1990s, Cristal Champagne has become a trendy adjunct to the modern rap music culture. Cristal Champagne is probably the most expensive Champagne at a RRP over £800.00 a bottle. Although we will deliver your Vintage Cristal Champagne gift with the minimum of delay. Champagne gifts are not an every day sale for us. We would like to sell Cristal Champagne and you would like to buy it every day as a champagne gift no doubt! !